When All Signs Point To… Slow Down

I recently got pulled over by a handsome cop for speeding. He asked me if I was racing off to a hot date. At 10 AM on a Thursday?? I guess it could happen, but I replied, “I wish!” Then it sank in, he was flirting with me. HA.

This was the second speeding ticket I had received in less than a week. Another handsome cop pulled me over off Highway 5. I didn’t even remember what to do when the cop car was trailing me from behind. It had been over ten years since I had received any such tickets; my brain did not compute the process. My body was so calm, my breathing steady; it didn’t seem like how I remembered it from years ago.

Both times, I simply accepted my fate and took the speeding tickets from the outstretched muscled forearms.

Heeding my own sage advice, I thought, what is this about? What is the sign here for me? Am I supposed to date a cop?? No, that’s just silly!

Sinking into my own internal lighthouse wisdom, I knew that it was the universe telling me to SLOW DOWN. So beautifully easy to decode. Zero effort.

SLOW DOWN. And more listening through meditation. More meditation. Pay attention to the small details.

What was I racing out of, away from?

I am in a deep period of transition and so wanting to be done already. I am an all-the-cards-on-the-table kind of person. And I can be, because I am tapping into the mystery of the Universe, which keeps things very exciting even with the cards face up! But even for me, staying with the mystery, the unknown can be daunting.

Desire to know what the future holds, to plow through the awkward transition time.

Yes, awkward. You know these times, looking for a job, ending/beginning a new relationship, waiting for a new baby to arrive, waiting for something in the mail…..What to do while you are in transition? How do you stay connected to yourself, grounded and open while you have no idea when things will be more settled?

And what if this period lasts for a long time, 6 months or a year? Or even two years?

Stay with the process. Stay with the waves of feelings, from boredom, detachment, distraction, and sadness to excitement, engagement, exhilaration, and anticipation. Notice the more subtle switchback curves in-between; the gentle calms, or the soft moments where it feels oh so right to be moving into this unknown, unfolding realm of the future.

I talk to my clients about this curious edge of experience of staying with the “What Is” of the present while we make room for an expanded vision of our future. It is a dance where we just allow the full experience to rain down upon us, ever watching and tracking our internal and external realities.

My dear friend reminds me often that we must show up over and over in meditation to wait patiently for God’s messages to reach our ready body-mind-spirits.

Here is a great way to remain slow, present and mindful and allow your immediate future to blossom into your inner vision:

Third-Eye Opening Meditation

Our Third-Eye is an energy center based on ancient Hindi yogic philosophy known as the Chakra system. We have seven major centers throughout the body from spine to crown and many minor ones in other locations. These can be visualized as sources of conscious balancing and healing on all levels of our lives as the chakras line up with different issues in our spiritual-emotional-physical selves.

  • Close your eyes and focus your inner imagination/sensation on the space in between your eyebrows, where your Third-Eye energy center is located on your spirit body
  • Soften your thinking mind, turn down the volume on the thoughts and mental chatter
  • See with your imagination, a level spinning indigo purple disk on its side radiating from between your brows
  • Allow this disk to expand further out and out past your body into the horizon
  • Imagine the horizon full of nature, trees or mountains or water
  • Gently bring your attention back to your own body and PAUSE
  • Without expectation, hover your attention in a neutral stance
  • Whatever thoughts, images or sensations come in after this pause, take notice
  • Play with how this input feels for you. What is the message behind this information?

I did this meditation just now and what came to me was: pie. It takes a long time to make a pie from scratch and the whole process is mindfulness in action. I am off to make a pie. Slice, anyone?

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