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BlogWelcome! My name is Danielle Saunders.

I invite you to walk with me on this journey of life. To see what I see in you; your own unique offering to the world.

I believe in you and your inherent ability to heal. I am here to help you right now, to fully remember yourself as whole, as lovable, as One.

I offer you my experience as a Psychotherapist, a Transformational Coach, and a guide to the present moment. As your healer, teacher and friend, there are many ways for us to work together.

Goddess Wisdom and Expressive Arts Workshops & Retreats:

–>Submerge yourself in the joyful healing art of intuitive painting, soulful collage and original mixed media projects designed to illuminate & reveal your inner essence
–>Fully embody the Divine Feminine aspects: compassion, self-love, acceptance, unconditional love and raw primal energy (often only intellectually understood concepts)
–>Experience being present with a still mind, amplified within a safely-held community container
–>Release deeply held habitual patterns left over from childhood wounds and social conditioning

Transformational Coaching sessions:

–>Discover the edges of where you are still growing and challenge yourself to reveal the most juicy, alive life possible
–>Learn to surrender to the flow and abundance that is available to all of us, right now
–>Blossom into your brilliant, most radiant self in this lifetime
–>Dissolve old blocks to creativity, emotional and spiritual growth

Psychotherapy sessions for children, families, men and women:

–>Heal the wounds of depression, insecurities, and feelings of being separate and alone in the world
–>Explore new ways to handle stress, crises and emotional upheavals
–>Replenish and expand your inner resources including knowing and speaking your truth
–>Let go of isolating self-doubt, anxiety and the relentless striving to prove your self-worth to others

Let us work together so you can enjoy a true embodiment of self-acceptance, unconditional love, compassion and self-forgiveness. Challenge yourself to live your life bravely, fulfilling your life’s purpose and release the struggle to prove yourself. This time is for you! Know that with gentle kindness, compassion and support, you can explore your inner world to reveal the places you have yet to heal and transform into love. With this blessing, your life can blossom into a magical world where the present moment is enough. Open up to love, meaningful work, self-acceptance and grace. The time is now!