The Importance of Dating Yourself

Recently I traveled to Seattle, WA. I feel the joy in this town full of fresh air and fresh experiences, sandwiched between water, in the foothills of the Olympian National Rain Forest. My vacation-self emerges: open, flexible, spontaneous, and sensual. My taste buds awaken with the unique ways of putting together food, drinks and conversation in various cafes, restaurants and bars. In this expanded mode, I even enjoyed the trend-setting Hipsters of Seattle flaunting their tattoos and beards. While my friend was at work, I “dated” myself all week: I got my nails done, hair done, saw a play, ate fancy lunches, browsed book stores and went to the art museum.

My friend was inspired and concocted a date for himself at his home. He lit all his candles, made Mexican hot chocolate with an organic hazelnut marshmallow, and curled under a cashmere blanket to read a new book.

Dating yourself is a way to maintain more of the juicy, moist sense of your vacation-self while at home in everyday life.

I am on a mission to remain in this high state of vacation-self as much as possible throughout my regular life. It takes commitment to my senses, body and spirit. I must rest, dance and make time for small connections throughout my day.

Want to enjoy a day of your own vacation-self within the context of your day-to-day life?

What happens to us when we leave our routines and our known habits back home? We are able to expand ourselves and open up to the “what is,” of the present moment.

Is this you?

  • Need more sleep, healthy food and “downtime”?
  • Want to take care of yourself, but never quite do?
  • Love the sensual side of life: good smells, warm touches and chocolate?

Take care of yourself NOW! By nurturing yourself today, you will increase your overall energy level to replenish and to expand what you have to offer others.

A day of sensuality will create:

  • A dropping into the pleasure-body
    –The parasympathetic nervous system of deep relaxation
  • An increase in right-brained activity
    –Opening ourselves up to creativity and divine inspiration
  • A heightened sense of your surroundings
    –Allowing for more intuitive insight and compassion
  • An experience of bliss, joy and surrender
    –To the beauty and delight of your unique authentic being

Lover, partner, child, client, and neighbor—all will benefit from you taking time out to treat yourself to a day of self-loving pleasure!

Here are some ideas for you to try at home:

  • Give you permission to ask for time away/alone
  • Create a private sanctuary home space to set and write out your intentions
  • Evoke the sensual energy of the Goddess of Love to aid you in your purpose
  • Design a personal spa day to happen inside or outside your home
  • Get support as you experiment with new rituals, ideas and expand yourself!

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