Surrender to the Divine Feminine

Releasing the story of doing it ALONE!

Who do you let help you? Is help easy for you to accept?

Just this morning, while outside hanging a comforter to dry on the clothesline, I stumbled upon a neighborhood cat scuffling in the back corner of my garden.

Upon assessing his situation, I saw that his back right leg was firmly lodged between the fence posts. He was hanging there, body down, leg up. Downward Cat.

Being the avid animal lover, especially towards cats, I began to assess and plan his rescue. I first searched for a branch from the fire pit pile to hoist up his body to release the leg. I talked to him like a traumatized human, reassuring him of my intentions to release him, as I struggled with the large stick. I triggered his natural fight reaction of hissing and bearing his teeth. Due to his exhaustion, these half-hearted attempts at being ferocious did not scare me off.  He had clearly been there for hours. His trapped leg was missing some fur, perhaps his own feeble clawing attempt at releasing the troubled stuck body part. There was urine on the post under his body and the ground was scrapped bare from his further desperations. This was one emotionally distraught little being.

He let me poke at him with my stick and I thought of the movie, The Life of Pi, the complex relationship between boy and tiger. Both needed the other for survival; an odd relationship that was born out of necessity. Of course, I was unable to move him. Try lifting ten pound of awkward moving flesh at the very tip of a tree branch! I thought about getting someone to help me; perhaps throwing a sturdy blanket over him and lifting him up while someone else gently lifted his injured leg up and out. Then we would have the issue of him fighting me to get out of the blanket and escaping. Ever give a cat a bath?

Taking a deep breath, I quietly looked around. The solution was simple; one side of the fence post was actually just a 2×4 board jammed into the corner to block out the raccoons. I reached over the cat to pry apart an opening. This worked! His leg fell free! Watching me carefully, he quickly pulled his body out, dragging his leg behind him. What was he going to do now? He couldn’t rely on his usual climbing skills to scale the fence to find his home. I watched my one young male cat curiously watching the limping cat from a distance that could be scaled in milliseconds of a cat’s breath.  I scurried my cat away to give the other cat some space.

A few minutes later, I returned to find only his path cut into the dry dirt, coming to an end at the cement pavers. He was not visible, nor did I hear anything around the bushes. All I could do at that point was open the gate for him to drag himself out of our fenced-in garden in his own time. I brought my cats inside to give him the freedom. With great feeling, I sent him love, courage and a blessing, if his end was near.

Rich metaphors abound with this experience! How do we “entrap” ourselves in different ways in our lives? In stressful jobs, hurtful relationships, negative patterns of thinking, self-limiting beliefs? And then exhaust ourselves in a futile attempt at escape? Often harming ourselves more in the process?

That cat needed me. He could not do it alone! He needed me to not abandon him in spite of his hissing and protests, but to also remember and respect his cat-nature. He needed me to take into account his unique situation and natural impulses, to work with him and allow him his own timing with escape. All I could do was open the way for him to help himself. He had to step through the threshold.

What is your story about having to do it alone? At what point do you recognize that with help, from others, from the Divine, will make all the difference in the outcome? When is it your time to step through the threshold to be held? To be loved? To surrender to the beauty of WHAT IS?

I can help you access the help that is always waiting for you. Please contact me

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