Signs of the Divine in Action – Everyday Miracles

The Divine shows up in our lives every day.  In small ways and grand ways, miracles are happening. We can encourage these miracles by first recognizing them. Seeing the feather in your path as a token of love from your angels. Noticing the ways the Divine loves us and wants to be known to us through generosity and tangible gifts of grace. Being open and alert to your inner-truth radar that recognizes the words of wisdom you prayed for come out of your friend’s mouth.

God’s love is pure and healing for us. We know when God gifts us with grace of any magnitude because it feels “right,” with a clarity and simplicity that reaches your belly and heart in its truth. God/Goddess wants us to grow, thrive and help others. Through deep gratitude and recognition, we can increase these miracles and know that the Divine is always with us, working to benefit humanity through taking care of each one of us.

This is the story of my most recent miracle.  Since returning from India, my old lady cat, Lulu, has been acting unusually odd. Several times throughout the night, she woke us up, in our jet-lagged state of confusion, with a loud drawn out meowww. Several of my family members fed her, unbeknownst to the others, which did not stop the calling out. She continued this behavior over several nights.

She stopped going outside to pee, instead carefully choosing a pile of magazines stacked on the floor, which later I switched out for an impromptu litter tray. Then she stopped begging for food and licked only the edges of the plate I put before her a couple of times.

Then one morning, she began to smell. Phew, this was tough for me, as I have a bionic nose with psychic tendencies, so I let her be, knowing her passing was close at hand.

Lulu is 21 years old! She earned the nickname, “Star Cat,” when she was six because she taught herself how to climb trees—without front claws!

While I was busy writing the first draft of this blog, I was thinking the story I would tell would be Lulu finding her way out the cat door to die cleanly in a pile of leaves tucked away from sight in the dark of the night. As was my prayer. Clean. Compost back to the earth. But as the Divine likes to play with us, she was still alive and smelly, just hiding!

Later that morning, Lulu wobbled from under my bed.  And since I promised I would take her to the vet if she lasted the night, I called for a same day appointment. Turns out she was attacked by an aggressive neighbor cat and her wound had gotten infected. She got cleaned up, a shot of antibiotic and was ready to come home.

Lulu is truly a cat with nine lives. She is the stew that turns into a sauce that turns into a burrito fixing that turns into a rice medley. That cat is stronger than any mule or horse I have ever met.

A cat spirit ready for her human incarnation. A simple miracle of life that keeps ticking.

This is my message…

Notice where and how the Divine shows up in your life. Through conscious recognition, we strengthen these connections and increase their occurrences. This is part of our awakening consciousness. The Divine in us wants to create a life that meets our needs and desires. Flowing with the “What Is” about the lines of abundance will clear obstacles and further the manifestation of our Highest Self here in everyday life.

You are receiving the outpouring of grace that serves your highest good in every moment.

The God/Goddess in me, sees the God/Goddess in you.

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