In many ways, sessions with me can look traditional. We will sit and talk about your life, your background, what is on your mind and in your heart. In other ways, I will offer a unique approach. At times I will have suggestions and techniques, but often I will listen with my heart open, hearing on a deeper-level what you are speaking about, but perhaps struggling to find the words. From presence, I will engage this part of you that is emerging, trusting that you have many of your own answers waiting to be heard and known by us.  I offer a variety of optional creative techniques including mindfulness, meditation and Expressive Arts to supplement our talking and being present together.

Individual Therapy and Coaching

Men have a unique set of needs. Many men are new to therapy and come in with complaints of depression, isolation, job stress or career dissatisfaction. Many show up because their wives/partners have begged them to talk to someone. I deeply understand the risk and vulnerability it takes for a man to seek out help. I emphasize the strengths already in place for a man to deal with the complex world of work and family balance. I honor the conflicting messages society bombards men and boys with to provide, know the answers, fix everything and yet, be romantic, passionate and of service. Many men have little practice in communication and intimacy outside of the relationship with their wife/partner which may or may not be a source of comfort. I respect a man’s unique journey and needs and welcome my male clients into remembering their vital place in the planet as the healed Divine Masculine.

Women have historically put others needs ahead of their own. Even young women will often comply with outer pressures over listening to their own inner-direction. It is a challenge to perform all the duties necessary to care for friends, romantic partners, children, careers and still find time to nurture our femininity and creativity. Many women have found they are successful in the predominately masculine world of career or school, yet yearn to express themselves as sensual beings. Many women suffer for years with residual self-doubt and shame brought on by a history of abuse and trauma. All women, everywhere deserve to know freedom of body, expression and passion. I work with women of all ages to understand the subtle influences of social conditioning and unresolved past issues so that we can release that which no longer serves our growth and connection with ourselves, each other and the Divine Feminine.  I work with women going through life transitions, postpartum, career-fulfillment issues, divorce, grief and self-discovery.

Couples and Family Therapy

I view the family as an important part of the healing process. Couples and families in distress can benefit from sessions focusing on family systems theory including: the need for increased intimacy in communication, sex and affection, power/control dynamics, appropriate executive functioning for parents, sibling rivalry and balancing the needs of diverse family members. I use a playful approach including mindfulness, coaching and attachment theory in working with couples and families. For many individuals, they may wish to include a partner or family member at some point in their treatment. I am always open to discussing this option. I offer exercises to complete at home, if couples wish to speed up their process.

Child Play Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy

I see children ages 5 and up for child-centered play therapy and Expressive Arts. I have years of experience working with children who are sensitive, unique, artistic or otherwise labeled as “different.” Many of these children go through a period of explosive behavior, either acting out at school or at home, usually having issues with transitions or sibling rivalry. These children respond well to my curiosity, respect and experience. I have toys, games and an abundance of art supplies. I follow the child’s lead, respecting their pacing and timing with regard to trust, attachment and activities. Parents are a key ingredient to every treatment plan and I include them as much as possible given the goals of treatment. Typical issues that I treat in children are depression, anxiety, difficulty/rigidity with new experiences, divorce, trauma, unusual behavior and family issues. I meet with parents regularly and gather collateral information from other important professionals, as needed.


Our sessions are typically 50 minutes long and will be scheduled weekly, meeting at the same day and time each week at my office. If you need to alter or cancel an appointment, please notify me at least 48 hours before your appointment by calling or texting. If I am not notified 48 hours in advance, I charge a missed session fee.


$150/session is payable at the time of the session. I accept credit cards and can also charge sessions automatically each week, with your permission. Occasionally, I have a sliding scale appointment time available, so please ask if you are in financial need. I do not accept insurance, but provide an itemized statement monthly with the appropriate billing codes for reimbursement done on your own for an “Out of Network Provider” with your insurance company. Eligibility will depend on your plan.

Assessment process

I conduct an assessment and review of your case/child/family for the first 3-6 sessions. I provide verbal feedback that conforms to the ethical confidential standards of my field for all parents and those for whom you have provided me with signed consent. I value input from all professionals and enjoy working with Psychiatrists, Psychologists, developmental professionals, physicians, school teachers, extended family members and clergy.

Each case is unique and I am happy to discuss with you my treatment plan, diagnosis and prognosis. Remember as with all psychotherapies, there are risks involved; sometimes personal, emotional and cognitive growth comes with increased awareness, which may include uncomfortable feelings and crossroads where difficult decisions must be made. To the best of my ability, I will involve you in your/your child/your family’s treatment and welcome feedback, discussion and teamwork towards meeting your desired goals. In my experience, growth always happens, sometimes not exactly the way we plan for it. The more open you can be to accepting the present reality, the more success you experience with the therapeutic process.

If you would like to begin psychotherapy services, please contact me .