Expressive Arts

Expressive ArtsIs this you?

  • You have internal blocks keeping you from reaching your fullest potential.
  • Your greatest wish is to experience a lighter, freer and more peaceful life.
  • You desire a deeper understanding of yourself and the choices you’ve made.
  • You feel the effects of grief or old wounds that have not completely healed.

Working with me you will:

  • Learn how to uncover, work through, and remove your personal blocks and obstacles.
  • Understand more about your personal history and self.
  • Get rid of old wounds, grief, and fears.
  • Step into a feeling of greater peace and happiness.

Methods for our work:

  • Strengthen your intuitive heart-knowing through art exercises that bypass the mind and challenge your habitual ways of understanding a situation.
  • Establish a body of artwork in diverse mediums of your choice and develop your unique artistic style.
  • Explore choices & life paths in a safe way through art before taking action.
  • Work through fear, doubt and self-limiting beliefs using different techniques of mediation, mindfulness and other spiritual traditions.
  • Experience deep relaxation and tune into your body’s natural wisdom and confidence.

These services are available both online and in person at my office in San Ramon, California.

If you would like to begin Expressive Arts work, please contact me