Passion & Magic: The Search for the Beloved

Yes, I know, the Beloved is internal. Yet most of us have that desire to externally partner with a Beloved. Why is this urge so strong, powerful and compelling? Lusty, romantic, intriguing connections.

I think about epic love stories, legions, and tales of wars starting over romantic love. Even at the god/goddess archetypal level, the Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology portrays these love trysts. Like Isis combing the edges of the world for her beloved Osiris’ body parts. The yearning to love so vast and compelling, major lines of heroes are born from the mythic unions, like Perseus, Hercules, and Achilles.

Have you ever felt a passion so deeply in your core that you too would risk everything to have one more taste? Whether it was the dilemma of an illicit affair or a connection so magnetic-electric and overwhelming that even a small amount of contact affects reality as you know it?

Do you let yourself go there?

We can look at the psychology involved here. What parts of ourselves are we calling forth through these explosive, dynamic pairings?

Sometimes it is mostly projection. The externalization of spiritual-seeking and self-actualization through searching for “The One,” who will take away all suffering and complete you. Or sometimes it can be driven by animal lust, our biology beckoning. Often, it has elements of these two aspects and much more.

These powerful connections are SOUL-MAKING. You can feel yourself, internally, clicking into place, lining up. Your heart and chakras coming alive, brightening, shifting to accommodate something new.

This is real! More and more these days, when I am with someone who has that powerful energetic matching to me, my energy body responds with a significant UMPF. A ringing out of my soul. I feel the magic happening in real time.

SOUL-SENSING, I am calling this. When the senses awaken and come to alert when another being who will alter your life enters your personal orb of energy-space. Call it chemistry, call it karma, or call it by a prettier name, soul friends. This experience profoundly affects and alters our lives. Perhaps you are in contact with this person for a long time, perhaps not. Your soul doesn’t really care about a concept of time, now does it?

Soul-sensing, the waking up of the senses to take in the external cues of “Something important is happening right now; pay attention!” Through these potent connections, we are dreaming-into-being the next step in our own soul’s evolution, Soul-making.

Since we love these juicy connections, how do we get MORE of them?


That is the age-old question, my friends. Well, we sure don’t go out striving for them. Honestly, the act of searching will create a barrier, whereby we are cloudy and may miss the signs. Now, I am definitely a fan of being ready, clearing your vessel of dust that will inhibit heart-connections and in general doing the activities that will keep you expanded and visible. But, alas, these soul-sensing, soul-making pairs will find you! When you are least expecting it, just really RESTING as your simple self, BAM, there it will happen.

Resting as yourself opens up all the channels of your highest spiritual self that will vibrate your own beautiful frequency to the universe. This restful self takes the cover or filter off of “doing” something which allows for your light, whether a flood, spotlight or laser, to shine fully. Like a moth to a candle –flame, these soul-connections will be magnetized into being. Magic.

REST is the balm; trust your Divine intent. I say this over and over to my clients, the Divine wants you to be blessed, have abundance, and know yourself as LOVE. The Divine wants your soul to unearth all the parts of self to come to wholeness. These soul-friend Beloveds are so a part of this journey of soul-making.

Allow yourself the rest you deserve and know that fireworks and magic are coming your way!

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