Opening Up to True Love

What does it take to truly stand in the world as LOVE?

To love yourself so thoroughly, the wobbly bits and the unfiltered shadowy parts with such tenderness that shining your light on the world becomes effortless. The choice has been made. You have stepped over the threshold. You MUST love. And in that act of loving all, you become the very love you radiate. There simply is no other path.

How do you practice this level of self-love and acceptance in your daily life? How do you forgive and release yourself from self-blame and self-imposed contraction? How do you make yourself a clean vessel for love?

Reaching deep into our psyches, we must find the internal Divine that resides within us and loves us from the inside out.

Do you have a first-hand experience of the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine who loves with no limits?

Gaia, Mother Mary, Hathor, Demeter.

This archetypal face of the mother is really a reflection of the infinite cosmos. A love so deep, so wide that there is nothing we could ever do to make her turn away from us. She loves us like the unique creature of the Divine light that we truly are. She does not concern herself with the petty details such as looks or personality. Her love is so vast that these seeming imperfections only serve to make us the sole expression of what being truly human is. Like the rose with its matchless folds of petals and pattern placement of thorns. Yes there are twists and defense mechanisms, all things that add to the amazing experience we know as a “rose”.

When we give ourselves time to meditate and drop into this primal and first face of the Divine Feminine, we begin to feel self-love as the Great Mother that resides inside each of us. I experience this most deeply while in Empty Presence Meditation. A sense of the empty black iron caldron-chalice inside my own belly-womb. Through your simple presence, you are the Great Mother. Every time you love someone with all their complexities: our children, parents, friends, clients, lovers, strangers; you are HER.

Can you do that for yourself? Turn that caldron of swirling softness, that wide lap of embrace towards ourselves and feel the love always available? Drop down into your belly-womb and let go of “doing”?

Divine Mother Grounding and Nourishing Meditation

  • Sitting comfortably, visualize the worries, thoughts, and doubts draining from your head to your toes out into the earth. Gaia absorbs these energies effortlessly.
  • Send a root of gold out the bottom on your spine through your feet deep into the earth’s fecund layers of dirt, rock and melted molten iron.
  • Visualize golden light coursing up through the root into your body, bathing you in soft, loving warmth.

You are LOVE. Know yourself as perfect, in your present state, as life is unfolding before you. She holds you, as you hold yourself.

Blessed Be. It is done in the name of the One. It is done. It is done.

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