Natural: Time to Put the Lessons to Use

After all the techniques, all the therapy, the self-help books, hikes to commune with nature and the turning over of meaning with close friends, what is left to do?

What happens when you have metabolized all the lessons for a while and feel annoyed at the process of transformation?

You spread your wings, my friends, and FLY!

Being natural is a state of grace. Trust your body to know its way.

When I am not sure what step to take, I stop and drop inside. I quiet my mind and breathe deeply for a few seconds. I bring my inner awareness to my heart and sense the quality around my internal chest. My heart speaks to me. If I hear nothing, I know to wait for action. If I feel a glowing warmth, I continue.

What a blessing the dropping of fear and worry can be!

Yes, we have a deep back pocket of good intentions with how to begin a relationship, search for a new job, plan a vacation, and even how to raise a child.

But what will always prevail are the natural impulses.

This is why it is important to do the processes. Go to yoga. Write in your journal. Meditate.

But there will come a time (many times) when you get to blissfully release all that you think you know and have learned and trust the movement of your own body to take you forward onto the path of your highest good and evolution.

The body is magnetic-electric. It attracts that which will advance you in whatever way you need next to expand and know yourself as LOVE.

Try this Expressive Art technique to reflect on what is natural wisdom for you right now:

  1. Get paper and any kind of writing utensil or coloring art medium.
  2. Sit with the eyes closed in front of the paper.
  3. Without thinking, reach out and choose two colors, one for each hand.
  4. Either begin to draw abstractly with your eyes closed, or open them if you already know you can keep your mind out of the drawing experience.
  5. Freely let the colors open up on your paper, draw until it feels complete.
  6. Without interpreting ask the following questions of your drawing:
    – Where is the most energy in this drawing?
    – Where is there spaciousness?
    – What three words pop up as I look at this drawing?
    – Take in the answers to the questions and allow whatever wisdom to arise.

It does not have to be hard anymore! Release that story and embrace your own natural grace, timing and Being in the world. Fly free and high.

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