Invoking Divine Feminine Energy

Swirls of burgundy, rose velvet blankets envelop my body with Mother’s etheric embrace.

My sisters’ shades of pink, peach and coffee gently peek from their crescents of hair, reverent in their devotion.

Lavender buds release their calming aroma into a candle lit sacred circle of women gathered in love and peace.

Silky strands of curls and jewels grace my body, chosen carefully to honor Her body as mine.

We sit in silence, allowing the mind to still, offering the containers of our womb for the Divine Feminine energy to pool.

In resonance, I feel Mother’s sweet presence alive in my own body.

Kundalini Shakti Namo Namo.

I am the Caldron, I am the Chalice.

Awaking the Divine Feminine energy in my body alights the remembrance in each of my sisters’.

Like a bonfire with many logs, our circle amplifies our frequency.

Our collective healing light finds the lost, the heart-broken, the fearful.

Mother brings her children to her warm, generous lap in Oneness.

She is Here Now. She walks among us.

She is I. I am She.

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