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Transformational Coaching

Is this you?

  • In your heart, you know you are not living up to your potential and need help to take the steps to a more fulfilling life.
  • You struggle to hear your own truth through the noise of your inner thoughts.
  • You doubt yourself; fretting about picking the right choices and hurting others.
  • You long for a life full of meaning, with both peace and passion.

Working with me you will:

  • Come to understand yourself and your unique journey of life.
  • Open up to give and receive love, affection and playfulness!
  • Find peace with difficult loved ones and regrettable choices in your past.
  • Explore creativity, spirituality and the power of the present moment.

Methods for our work:

Phone/Skype one-on-one sessions with me

  • Connect with me on a heart-felt level regarding any topic of interest or concern.
  • Get reflection about important decisions.
  • Experience compassion and acceptance during difficult crises or stressful changes.
  • Establish areas of strengths and challenges.

Online expressive arts and meditation exercises

  • Strengthen your intuitive heart-knowing through art exercises that bypass the mind.
  • Establish a body of artwork in diverse mediums and a unique artistic style.
  • Explore life’s infinite possibilities in a safe way through art.
  • Work through fear, doubt and self-limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how to relax and tune into your body’s natural wisdom and confidence.
  • Try different techniques of mediation, mindfulness and other spiritual traditions.


WHO AM I? Self-exploration

Many people find themselves at a crossroads at some point in their lives, wondering who they REALLY are. Many of us assume after getting a nice job, relationship or other accomplishment we will be happy and are very surprised to find we aren’t! Getting to know yourself is a vital step in becoming satisfied with your life and choices. Even if you already know a lot about yourself, this curriculum will take you deeper into your preferences, styles and natural self. Also important, we change! Who expected that? Yes, especially after a big transition in life, ending a relationship, graduating from school, having a baby, launching adult children, all of these things can radically alter us, leaving us in uncharted territory. Through art exercises such as Time Pie Graph, House of Self, you will explore defining yourself at this moment in time.

WHO IS WITH ME? Relationship-exploration

So much of who we are we come to know through relating to others. Relationships shift how we feel about ourselves and influence our paths in life. Through this curriculum, you will explore your style of relating, family influences and what types of relationships you want to call into being. Projects like, Lifeline in art and Circle of Friends, will reveal your most potent relationships and areas to heal and reestablish trust.

 WHAT DO I DO NOW? Environment-exploration

After you know more about yourself and your relationships, it is time to explore the world around you. What activities match your personality, body rhythms and needs? With art exercises such as, Collage Visions and Prayer Flag Print-making, you will determine your goals for expanding your world to include allies, power friends and soulmates.

To get started with our work together, please contact me