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Family Therapy

I use Solution-focused Family Therapy and Emotionally Focused Family Therapy to work with different groupings of family members. This is powerful work for mothers/fathers and adult or teen children to address issues of poor communication, stress from work, relocation, divorce, acting out behaviors, increasing trust and safety and processing old hurts. It is never too late to reach out to your family and heal the past.

I view the family as an important part of the healing process. Couples and families in distress can benefit from sessions focusing on family systems theory including: the need for increased intimacy in communication, sex and affection, power/control dynamics, appropriate executive functioning for parents, sibling rivalry and balancing the needs of diverse family members. I use a playful approach including mindfulness, coaching and attachment theory in working with couples and families. For many individuals, they may wish to include a partner or family member at some point in their treatment. I am always open to discussing this option. I offer exercises to complete at home, if couples wish to speed up their process.

Teens & Young Adults

This is a challenging, yet wonderful age where young people may need to talk to someone outside of their family about issues like substance abuse, body image, dating, peer pressure, school anxiety, depression, self-harming and suicidal thoughts.

Ages 13+ need room to establish their independence while having a safe zone to work through ideas and thoughts. I follow the pace of each young person as they explore themselves and their worlds. I collaborate with teens and young adults to bring their parents, bosses, teachers into their lives as resources, not enemies. I have a vast history of experience with a variety of young people, some shy an some outgoing, and find creative ways to build trust and communication, including, expressive arts, music, dance, media, walks near my office, games, Cognitive Behavioral exercises and role play.