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Expressive Arts Individual Sessions

Is this you?

  • You have internal blocks keeping you from reaching your fullest potential.
  • Your greatest wish is to experience a lighter, freer and more peaceful life.
  • You desire a deeper understanding of yourself and the choices you’ve made.
  • You feel the effects of grief or old wounds that have not completely healed.

Working with me you will:

  • Learn how to uncover, work through, and remove your personal blocks and obstacles.
  • Understand more about your personal history and self.
  • Get rid of old wounds, grief, and fears.
  • Step into a feeling of greater peace and happiness.

Methods for our work:

  • Strengthen your intuitive heart-knowing through art exercises that bypass the mind and challenge your habitual ways of understanding a situation.
  • Establish a body of artwork in diverse mediums of your choice and develop your unique artistic style.
  • Explore choices & life paths in a safe way through art before taking action.
  • Work through fear, doubt and self-limiting beliefs using different techniques of mediation, mindfulness and other spiritual traditions.
  • Experience deep relaxation and tune into your body’s natural wisdom and confidence.

Expressive Arts Workshops & Retreats

  • Submerge yourself in the joyful healing art of intuitive painting, soulful collage and original mixed media projects designed to illuminate & reveal your inner essence
  • Fully embody the Divine Feminine aspects: compassion, self-love, acceptance, unconditional love and raw primal energy (often only intellectually understood concepts)
  • Experience being present with a still mind, amplified within a safely-held community container
  • Release deeply held habitual patterns left over from childhood wounds and social conditioning