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Individual Therapy

From presence, I will engage this part of you that is emerging, trusting that you have many of your own answers waiting to be heard and known by us.  I offer a variety of optional creative techniques including mindfulness, meditation and Expressive Arts to supplement our talking and being present together.

Men have a unique set of needs. Many men are new to therapy and come in with complaints of depression, isolation, job stress or career dissatisfaction. Many show up because their wives/partners have begged them to talk to someone. I deeply understand the risk and vulnerability it takes for a man to seek out help. I emphasize the strengths already in place for a man to deal with the complex world of work and family balance. I honor the conflicting messages society bombards men and boys with to provide, know the answers, fix everything and yet, be romantic, passionate and of service. Many men have little practice in communication and intimacy outside of the relationship with their wife/partner which may or may not be a source of comfort. I respect a man’s unique journey and needs and welcome my male clients into remembering their vital place in the planet as the healed Divine Masculine.

Women have historically put others needs ahead of their own. Even young women will often comply with outer pressures over listening to their own inner-direction. It is a challenge to perform all the duties necessary to care for friends, romantic partners, children, careers and still find time to nurture our femininity and creativity. Many women have found they are successful in the predominately masculine world of career or school, yet yearn to express themselves as sensual beings. Many women suffer for years with residual self-doubt and shame brought on by a history of abuse and trauma. All women, everywhere deserve to know freedom of body, expression and passion. I work with women of all ages to understand the subtle influences of social conditioning and unresolved past issues so that we can release that which no longer serves our growth and connection with ourselves, each other and the Divine Feminine.  I work with women going through life transitions, postpartum, career-fulfillment issues, divorce, grief and self-discovery.