Don’t be afraid to die a little

Early winter is a time of fallow ground. We let the fields rest as we ourselves should rest.

Many of my clients naturally experience this timely desire to slow down, spending more time inside being quiet with themselves or with close family and friends.

What do you do when this desire to go in arises inside yourself?

Do you make space for it? Knowing when to stay home and cook soup? Lighting candles and wrapping up in a cozy blanket.

Or do you fight it? Drink another cup of coffee and berate yourself for not finishing your “to-do” list?

We can benefit from turning in during this time by really shining the light inside clearly. To see what we are holding onto that no longer benefits us. This may seem scarier or harder than it is in reality.

Think about yourself. What have you been wanting to do or try in your life? What holds you back from taking the first step?  Join me in releasing the parts of you that are ready to die and make room for the new! Let that little old “ego” die a little…in service to the updated version of your true self.

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Is this you?

  • Have a “bucket list” of things to accomplish in your life
  • Crave accountability and support to achieve the more difficult ones
  • Have tried other ways without success, including talk therapy

Through accessing the creative mind, we bypass the verbal, left-brained mind. For many of us, talking about a problem will give us insight, but not actually alter our behavior. We need something entirely different. We need to invoke our higher selves for true change. We need art. We need ritual. We need community. We need to learn the basic skills available to us through the ancient path of remembrance—the balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.  Join me.

We will connect about topics including:

  • Welcoming the Inner Divine home
  • Creating art projects to inspire and uplift you
  • Finding community support
  • Deepen your life’s experience through the wisdom of the Divine Feminine and Masculine

The basic skills of the Embodying the Inner Divine include:

  • Becoming present and listening within from a place of stillness
  • Getting to know your true self essence and accepting the fullness of who you are
  • Experiencing yourself as safe and whole in a changing world

And much more…

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