Claustrophobia – Heeding the Call to Transform

Have you ever awoken on a sunny Sunday morning… And felt claustrophobic?

Wanting a life BIGGER than you are currently living. To feel MORE?

A soul longing… A soul calling…

So many ways to turn for this ultimate growth.

Beginning with self-inquiry and the turning inside for the play of the embodied Divine in ourselves.

And then externally… To find the internal play with another Beloved.

To feel the edges of another… To expand and explore… Together.

To know that there is an endless sea of intricate internal paths with the Beloved—Self and Other—to be traced and gently discovered. A labyrinth of the soul’s journey to wholeness.

To know that through our spirits, bodies and minds, we find each other endlessly terrifying and softly yielding to receptivity and safety.

Claustrophobia… The kind of aching thirst that only hiking a mountain with an expansive view out to the disappearing horizon will quench.

Or standing at the precipice of your own life, making a choice to cross the threshold into the void of the unknown…

Making a willful choice to heed the call for opening the Heart portal to Truth through radical seeking of connection to Self and Other.

Radical forgiveness and going TOWARDS that which scares you the most…

You know the Call, the one you turn the volume down on… Complain about… Pretend that if you distract yourself, it will go away.

But as we know, it comes back, disguised in a different form! The shape-shifter experience turning over and over, until we see it for what it is, a quest for wholeness in the clothes of a wolf-serpent-raven, marking your doorway with fierce animal wisdom and the power to transform.

Do you heed the call?

Do you lift your face up to the sun and open wide your vulnerable heart?

You are safe, my soul friends, for in your body is the most magnificent heart which awaits you to open the gates like a joyful child who has never known suffering.

Open, open, open.

You can trust the flutterings of your own heart.

Claustrophobia is a symptom of readiness.

A calling for MORE. More love, more trust, more engagement with your world of the many Beloveds, from yourself to your romantic partner to soul allies everywhere.

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