About Danielle

About MeDanielle is a blend of grounded Mother-Earth energy and a creative visionary portal of the Divine Feminine mystery. She masterfully applies both her scholarly mind and deep intuitive heart-knowing to understand each client and to assess their unique needs and possibilities. She accompanies all ages, young children to adults, men and women, on the journey to wholeness through the use of presence, expressive arts, talking and meditation practices.

Danielle has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA, 2000. This rigorous program submerged her in arts-as-a-healing-agent, equipping her with the extensive and subtle knowledge of layering arts techniques, modalities & mediums. Additionally, she was educated with a foundation of Transpersonal Psychology, the blending of humanistic psychology with spirituality, mindfulness and embodiment.

Danielle began her training in Fine Arts as a child, learning to draw and paint at age 7. As a life-long student of the arts, she has trained in still life & life drawing, acrylic & oil painting, ceramics, photography, print-making, fabric arts, book-making and mixed-media collage.  As a “compulsive artist,” she is a natural teacher, passionate about the art-making process & working with images to illuminate all aspects of ourselves.  She has taught fine arts and Expressive Arts to public school children, Psychology students, therapists and privately to adults.  She is dynamic, humorous & supportive in her style and approach to art-making.

Danielle’s expressive arts lineage heeds from many pioneering leaders in the field. She has studied under Natalie Rogers (Person-centered), Kate Donohue (Jungian), and Peter & Ellen Levine (Inter-modal). She completed a certification with Chris Zydel in 2010 as a Master Intuitive Painting Teacher. She currently works with Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

She enjoys working with all ages and backgrounds. At age 20, she began working with children and spent her early career at many arts organizations working with and teaching young people and their families, including Manchester Craftsmens Guild and Civic Light Opera in Pittsburgh, PA. She continued her passionate service for youth and families at Hilltop High School for Teen Mothers in San Francisco, APPLE Family Works, San Rafael, CA and Lincoln Child Center, Oakland, CA, where she developed and lead expressive arts programs. She also draws from Solution-Focused Family Therapy, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness and Somatic awareness in her therapeutic approach.

For the past eight years, Danielle has been an ardent student of Western and Eastern spirituality, meditation, yoga and the Divine Feminine. Among her main spiritual influences are Ariel Spilsbury, Leonard Jacobson, Eckhart Tolle, Miguel Ruiz and several Christian mystics, including Jesus and the Marys. She is currently a Senior Priestess with the 13 Moon Mystery School and a practitioner of Oneness Blessing Meditation.  She brings her unique blend of presence, archetypal awareness and resonant fluidity to all her sessions and groups.

As a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of California since 2004, Danielle maintains a private practice seeing children, families and adults using psychology, the arts and mindfulness techniques focusing on issues such as anxiety, depression, acting out/explosive children, divorce/separation, career transitions, marital stress and post-partum.  She provides assessment, family collateral sessions and referrals for the above issues. Danielle accepts private pay only, however, will provide all the necessary documentation for insurance reimbursement.

She offers transformational coaching to men and women all over the globe, combining spirituality with self-growth in-person, over the phone and online individually and in exciting classes/retreats.  Danielle is also currently developing an online coaching curriculum combining Expressive Arts with the Divine Feminine. CA License # MFC40992, CA Board of Behavioral Science CEU Provider #4717.

Danielle’s office is located at:
3345 Grand Ave. Suite 1
Oakland, CA 94610