Natural: Time to Put the Lessons to Use

After all the techniques, all the therapy, the self-help books, hikes to commune with nature and the turning over of meaning with close friends, what is left to do?

What happens when you have metabolized all the lessons for a while and feel annoyed at the process of transformation?

You spread your wings, my friends, and FLY!

Being […]

May 16th, 2014|Blog|

The Terror Involved in Loving

Bravery can take on many forms. From raising your eyes to meet the stranger’s gaze at the coffee shop, to asking out your friend’s friend you just spent the last 30 minutes talking to.

What is the risk factor with these types of things? What are you risking? Rejection? Unrequited affection? How do we come alive […]

May 8th, 2014|Blog|