Passion & Magic: The Search for the Beloved

Yes, I know, the Beloved is internal. Yet most of us have that desire to externally partner with a Beloved. Why is this urge so strong, powerful and compelling? Lusty, romantic, intriguing connections. I think about epic love stories, legions, and tales of wars starting over romantic love. Even at the god/goddess archetypal level, the [...]

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Dancing with the Beloved: Masculine and Feminine Energies

We are familiar with rants of the opposite gender around trying to understand the inner workings of each other’s minds, hearts and spirits. How a woman versus a man responds can be radically different. The dynamic play of opposites, named as “feminine” and “masculine,” are seen externally in all relationships, whether straight or gay. What [...]

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Claustrophobia – Heeding the Call to Transform

Have you ever awoken on a sunny Sunday morning… And felt claustrophobic? Wanting a life BIGGER than you are currently living. To feel MORE? A soul longing… A soul calling… So many ways to turn for this ultimate growth. Beginning with self-inquiry and the turning inside for the play of the embodied Divine in ourselves. [...]

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Yoga of Smashing Your Face

I am enrolled in a yoga teachers training. I am at the point in my own exploration of yoga postures where, to make significant progress in my poses, I must make peace with the possibility of smashing my face to the ground. Actually, this is not a possibility, but a reality. I am working on [...]

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Sitting With Simple Self in Emptiness

Emptiness. Sitting with alone/loneliness. The crevice of space. Facing the Other, as Self. We all know the value in facing our fears, confronting challenging parts of ourselves, doing “the work,” as we call it in my circles. Distilling the lessons from the parts of ourselves we don’t like so much, working to accept these as [...]

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