When All Signs Point To… Slow Down

I recently got pulled over by a handsome cop for speeding. He asked me if I was racing off to a hot date. At 10 AM on a Thursday?? I guess it could happen, but I replied, “I wish!” Then it sank in, he was flirting with me. HA. This was the second speeding ticket [...]

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Enjoying the Juicy Space Between Connection

Meeting someone new, either a chance encounter at a workshop, on the dance floor, or an intentional “chemistry check” from an online connection, is titillating. Our brain chemistry and body hormones can wake up in an instant, sending our antennae into alert. Who is this person? What is this? Different parts of ourselves that respond [...]

2017-11-29T03:33:22+00:00 February 11th, 2014|

The Importance of Dating Yourself

Recently I traveled to Seattle, WA. I feel the joy in this town full of fresh air and fresh experiences, sandwiched between water, in the foothills of the Olympian National Rain Forest. My vacation-self emerges: open, flexible, spontaneous, and sensual. My taste buds awaken with the unique ways of putting together food, drinks and conversation [...]

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Getting to Yes: An Orgasmic Life!

Is your life a YES? What would it take to make your life exuberant, ecstatic, orgasmic? I like to play a game with myself; I see what it would take to say “yes” to all requests for my attention, time and energy. In the past, I automatically said “no.” Even when my mouth said “yes,” [...]

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