Dating Anxiety: Becoming a Love Warrior

Spring is in the air, right around the corner and the ladies in my life are dating! My friends, my clients and my support team: my assistant, my hair stylist, even the girl ringing me up at Trader Joe’s. Yes, the “girl” comes out in us when we are initially meeting someone. We want to [...]

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“Mindfulness is Boring”

“Mindfulness is boring” so says my 8 year old daughter with a furlong look. This reminds me of the time I was teaching Mindfulness in my 11 year old son’s classroom and after 5 minutes, he started giving me the bug eyes and swiping his hand across his neck to get me to finish the [...]

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

This line first appeared as a clever bumper sticker driving around the East Bay. I had to think about what this was saying. As a psychotherapist, I was taught that there were core beliefs, often deeply unconscious, that the mind would assume were true. A hallmark of most therapy traditions was this connection between thoughts [...]

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Opening Up to Connection

We all have the desire to connect with others. To share our deepest thoughts and to be understood by others. Many of us train ourselves out of the desire and humbly accept the frustrated unanswered conversation. Many of us talk to ourselves, some write in journals, some mutter over a beer or two. We let [...]

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