Healing Friendship and Intimacy with the Divine Feminine Archetype of the Great Mother

The vulnerability necessary to open up one’s heart to another is astounding to me. We are often well-versed to do this practice with a romantic partner. Our culture is supportive of this learning-curve with well-known stages of progression from casual “Friends with Benefits” to “Serial monogamy,” advice books, workshops and kitchen-table wisdom passed down. But [...]

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Expressive Arts: Waking up your Divine Self

Through layers of paper, fabric, oil pastel, glitter, soul images, you find yourself peeled open like a fragrant tangerine, exposing the veins of tender nourishment and juicy segments of ripe, succulent fruit. Crystallizing self through the reflection of process, meaning and image, you develop a relationship to your own art-making, as a mother-replacement, attachment to [...]

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