Connect to yourself and your loved ones with wholeness and integrity
Open your heart to self-love and nurturance
Transform through personal sessions, video chat, and group retreats
For couples, individuals, children, and teens

Your life is a calling for you to wake up, to recognize yourself as divine. 

This may seem like a daunting task, and it is not a small one, however, it is within you to do so. I am here, to listen deeply to your heart’s calling, to help you understand your heart’s messages, to decode and unravel the parts of your life that are unsatisfactory. I am here to embrace your desire for connection, in both surrender and independence. We all need community, whether wide or contained. We long for others to know us, to be met with integrity and acceptance. I am a relationship counselor and coach.

I am here to listen to the stirrings of your heart and to give you grounding, real techniques that will help you release trauma and past wounds to stand fully in this world as your authentic self. 

Whether you seek support for yourself or with your partner, I will create safety to address the pressing issues that burn for recognition. Through gentleness and clarity, we will navigate the ebb and flow of emotions, thoughts, impulses and desires. I will hold you while you explore your options, navigate the complexity of the world and the calling forth of your unique skills and resources.

Topics many of my clients discuss with me include: Depression and anxiety, clearing feelings of unworthiness, past/childhood trauma, developing authenticity and speaking self-truth, conscious partnership, separation/divorce, dating anxiety, increasing sexual passion/Tantra, the dance of the masculine and feminine, building spiritual energy, meditation practices, awakening consciousness, releasing deeply embedded patterns, transitions from life stages, creating community, creativity and ritual.

Healing modalities offered: Psychotherapy, couples counseling, transformational coaching, expressive arts therapy, creativity sessions and retreats, meditation and mindfulness.

Thanks for visiting my website; please explore my offerings to see how we can best work together.

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